Surveillance Drama :

Episode I - Purpose of Love.


Yoolim, Lee : Are you wet?

(이유림 : 젖었어요?)

Yoolim, Lee : You wet, huh?

(이유림 : 젖었죠?)

Hong, Choi : What are you talking about?

(최홍 : 무슨 말씀하시는 거예요?)

Hong, Choi : Let’s leave.

(최홍 : 가요.)

Yoolim, Lee : Wait wait.

(이유림 : 잠깐잠깐.)

Yoolim, Lee : Just a moment.

(이유림 : 지금 안돼요.)

Yoolim, Lee : Can’t stand up now, not now.

(이유림 : 지금 못 일어나요. 안돼요.)

Hong, Choi : Why not?

(최홍 : 왜요?)

Yoolim, Lee : I’m hard, now.

(이유림 : 섰어요. 지금.)

Yoolim, Lee : It’ll be fine in a second.

(이유림 : 근데, 딴 생각하면 금방 죽어요.)

Hong, Choi : How long is it hard?

(최홍 : 언제 죽는데요?)

Yoolim, Lee : I said in a second.

(이유림 : 금방 죽어요.)

Hong, Choi : That soon?

(최홍 : 그게 그렇게 금방 죽어요?)

Yoolim, Lee : Yes, that soon.

(이유림 : 네, 금방 죽어요.)

Hong, Choi : Are you on something?

(최홍 : 혹시 마약 하세요?)

Yoolim, Lee : We should leave.

(이유림 : 가야겠네.)

Yoolim, Lee : Let’s bounce.

(이유림 : 가죠.)